We purposely limit our number of clients in order to give individualized attention to each and every family.  In a sense, we are hand-holding families through the process. We are selective with whom we chose to work with. Our policy precludes us from over-promising and under-delivering. In addition, it enables us to give undivided attention to our clients while we focus on the range of details that make the process successful. 


We start off with an initial consultation we like to think of as a conversation. We want to get to know the family and allow the family to get to know us. If we decide to work together in the present or in the future, it is because we all feel it will be a comfortable and respectful partnership. With our unique approach, everything is done with careful consideration. In order to find the best placement plan, we look at all angles and have frequent discussions.   


We also like to give back to the community. We donate a percentage of our revenue to the Scarlett Fund. Click here for more information  www.thescarlettfund.com

Our Approach

Crossroads Consulting guides families though the confusing, intimidating, and often stressful process of admissions.




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